NeuralWare offers multiple levels of support for all products. After a product is purchased, for a period of 60 days NeuralWare provides no-cost support for installation and general user interface questions through e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as long as the first request is made within 90 days of purchase.

Support is also available by telephone, at +1 (412) 278 6280 extension 4.

For extended support and no-cost updates to NeuralWare products, NeuralWare offers fee-based annual Technical Assistance Program (TAPSM) subscriptions. A TAP subscription assures that you always have the most current releases of your NeuralWare products as well as Technical and Application notes that help you take full advantage of NeuralWare product features and benefits.

When you enroll in TAP for your NeuralWare product you will be given a priority e-mail address for use in requesting support under your TAP subscription. While response times to TAP support requests depend on the complexity of the question or the issue raised, we aim to provide responses to TAP support requests within 24 hours, and within 2 hours for requests made during normal US Eastern Time Zone business hours (08:00 - 17:00).

TAP Services and Features include:

  • Extended product use assistance, including priority access to NeuralWare engineers through a dedicated e-mail address.
  • Automatic distribution of covered product updates which have direct impact on modeling or which provide new capabilities.
  • Automatic notification of covered product maintenance releases which do not have substantive impact on modeling, so that you can decide whether to install the update.
  • Automatic distribution of Technical and Application notes that may be created for products you have licensed.
  • Other discounts and promotional incentives that may be offered by NeuralWare from time to time.

TAP support is designed to resolve issues and questions that arise when you install, configure, and use a covered NeuralWare product. Our products are powerful empirical modeling tools, and we want to ensure that you can quickly and efficiently apply them to your own modeling challenges. In addition, NeuralWare strives continually to improve products, both by incorporating bug fixes and suggestions from users as well as implementing new technologies and approaches suggested by the research community.

Other TAP Policies

In general NeuralWare will not provide support for product releases that are not current. Customers who wish to update a product that is not covered by a TAP subscription (either because a TAP subscription was never purchased, or the TAP subscription has lapsed) may obtain the current release by paying a TAP Enrollment/Reinstatement fee and purchasing a TAP subscription for the product.